CARL WELKISCH (1888 - 1984) as a Friend - spiritual healer, christian mystic, advisor - foto album

Carl Welkisch

healer and mystic - 1888-1984

Carl Welkisch as a Friend

Is it possible to have as a real friend a person who is a half a century older than oneself and whose life experiences are only comparable to those of other people in a limited way?

The creation of an authentic friendship demands that the friends take time for each other: Carl Welkisch took time, had patience and paid attention to all a persons concerns.

The creation of an authentic friendship demands dependability: Carl Welkisch was a very reliable man. He truly never forgot a single wish, question or care. It was as though the concerns of his friends were his own wishes, questions or cares.

the feeling of closeness or trust: many people had the feeling, some from the very first encounter with Carl Welkisch, that they had met a near acquaintance or friend: Welkisch said sometimes that the same applied to himself as well.

the feeling of being understood: hardly any other person had a deeper understanding for others as Carl Welkisch did, especially as he was able to perceive the soul and spirit of those he encountered. On the other hand, a person was unable to understand fully Welkischs essential being and person if only due to the differences in the depth of the respective perceptions.

Thus the difference in ages became an unimportant issue. The conversations rooted in friendship that a person experienced with Carl Welkisch allowed a mutual expression of unusual confidence in which even embarrassment could be easily overcome.

Yes, it is extremely rare to meet as true a friend as Carl Welkisch was and for some people their best friend died on August 9, 1984.